Scaler 2 Official Online Course 2023


In this comprehensive and up to date Scaler 2 course, developer Davide Carbone and producers Tristan Malloch and James Hewson take you through every feature and function of Scaler 2. This course includes step by step instructional videos, all new creative summaries by Davide Carbone, music theory tips and multiple choice assessments and exercises to make it easy to integrate Scaler 2's award winning power into your music.



Step by Step Video Tutorials and Music Theory Tips

Technical tutoring from Tristan Malloch, James Hewson and Davide Carbone covering every feature in a step by step demonstration

Creative Summaries by Scaler Developer Davide Carbone

Never before seen footage of Davide creating entire tracks from scratch whilst summarising each of the modules

Multiple Choice Assessments to Help you Implement your training

100+ Multiple Choice Questions for Each Module Encouraging you to get a Pass Mark before Moving on to the next module


Scaler 2 Official Course

$15 US

Sale - 50% Off

  • 380+ Minutes of content
  • Subtitles and Translations
  • Continually Updated
  • Covers every Scaler 2 Update
  • Covers Desktop and iOS Platform
  • Compatible with all DAWs
  • Full Access for Life

Module 1 - A Scaler 2 Introduction and Overview

In this module we cover the main page of Scaler 2 including scale detection, browsing scales, chord sets, creating chord progressions, and using keys lock.

Module 2 - Creating Chord Progressions and Patterns

This module covers creating chord progressions and patterns in the Progression Builder using Detect Mode, Chord Variations and Suggest Mode.

Module 3 - Chord Editing and Playback Modes in Scaler 2

Module 2 covers DAW Sync, the CHORD and EDIT Pages, Voice Grouping, creating and editing Patterns and chord editing and exploration.

Module 4 - Exploring Articulations and Expressions

Module 4 covers Articulations and Expressions including Performances, Phrases, Melodies, Basslines, Sequences, Strumming, Arpeggios, Humanizations and Playback Performances

Module 5 - Scaler 2 Modulation Presets In Depth

In this module we explore all the different Modulation Presets in Scaler 2 to demonstrate the many ways to change key and scale and borrow chords using modal interchange.

Module 6 - Building Songs and Using Scaler with your DAW

Learn how to build songs in PAD Mode and how to use control mappings, Multi Voice Output, Sync Mode, Guitar Features and recording within your DAW

Module 7 - Working with iPAD OS and Desktop Scaler 2

This module covers using Scaler iPad OS with midi and bluetooth devices, Audiobus, AUM, Cubasis, GarageBand and exchanging sessions between Scaler 2 iOS and Desktop versions.

Module 8 - Scaler 2.8 New Content and Features

Module 8 covers the new features and content in the Scaler 2.8 update including Japanese Scales, Bass Performances, Common and Odd Time Signature Rhythms and more.



"Thank you so much for this course. This is just what I needed to fully understand and realize the power of Scaler. Absolutely wonderful thank you"


"I've been using Scaler for over 2 years actively, and it is amazing how many more nuances can be squeezed out of this gem. I also appreciate the course's didactic approach to teaching by example, culminating in a full song, instead of getting lost in theory like so many others"

Phil James

"Love this instructional series. Been using Scaler 2 for quite a while now, but after watching these initial videos, I know I'm in the category that Davide spoke about ... the 5% with "slight" knowledge of the product. Awesome course"


"This is an excellent course even for long time users like myself. Highly recommended for getting the most out of Scaler 2.
Well done"

Adrian Bossert

"I have already changed my whole outlook towards what Scaler can offer even only after the first Module. Thank you. It has awakened new desire to make use of Scaler and this course has been the missing link for me"

Michael McEvoy

"Many thanks. exactly what I need to harness the power of this extraordinary tool. It has revived my inspiration more than word can describe"

Tony Stubbings

"Great videos, excellent summaries and practical demonstration of the basics outlined!
Very nice!"

Lloyd Brown Music

"Echoing the sentiments of all who are taking part in this course. A great product, coupled with great service from the S.O.S team. Giving my full support...Cheers guys"

Philip Shade

"Brilliant, finally using it correctly after spending too long just fiddling around! Great course and looking forward to fully using its vast capability"

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